Tower SACCO has geared towards transformation through digitization. It is to the fullest of our thoughts that modern business must be sustainable and responsible hence the need to manage strategic initiatives in a holistic operating model that is meant to de-risk investments and only advance organizational and cultural change.

Through digitization Tower SACCO has been able to carry out integration of digital technology into most of its areas of business. It has incorporated computer based technologies into its products, processes as strategies

This transformation process has improved employees’ productivity and has helped them accomplish more in less time. Digitization has helped the SACCO turn paper based works into digital format, code or data that can easily be read and processed by the computers.

Digitization has really changed Tower SACCO business model that has provided new revenue and value producing opportunities.

The SACCO has embraced IT modernization and has switched to cloud environment, re-skilled employees and has implemented automation for the purposes of accelerating customer support and services. It has also used all digital driven insights to enhance sales efficiency.

As the chairman of the organization, allow me to outline the following benefits that the SACCO has realized as a result of digitization.

  1. Has enabled speed in decision making.
  2. Has allowed seamless performance tracking.
  3. Has helped automate manual tasks.
  4. Has helped the SACCO innovate new products, services and business models.
  5. Has helped the SACCO generate deeper customer insights.
  6. Has helped the organization create more compelling customer experiences.

For a speedy growth, I wish to appeal to all members to embrace digitization and approach our services through technology which helps the members save not only on time but on cost as well. For sure technology is the way to go.

Compiled by:  Peter M. Ngugi