Why save with us?

Saving in Tower Sacco is the best investment option that guarantees you handsome returns.

Your investment in share Capital and monthly deposits convert into a very competitive dividends and rebates payouts annually.

We are committed and endeavour to grow with you by giving you a platform to accumulate wealth and climb financial ladder.

This is a transactional account that allows you to access any time you wish by dialing *655#, through our internet banking channel, App, Paybill, Tower Sacco Agent or Visa branded ATMs.

Account features:-

  • Cheques deposited into the account mature within 2 working days.
  • The account holder upon filling a mandate form can appoint someone to transact on their behalf.
  • The account has no ledger fee or hidden charges.
  • No notice for withdrawal of huge amounts over the counter.
  • Mobile banking can be enabled to withdraw up to Ksh 300,000 per day
  • This account is ideal for farmers, business community, registered groups, Self-help groups, schools, hospitals, cooperatives societies and churches.
  • Registration fee is Ksh 500
  • Minimum monthly contribution is Kes.500.
  • Deposits in this account earns rebates P.a
  • A group intending to open this account must be legally registered.
  • To withdraw from premium account membership, one must give a 60 days’ notice.
  • The account has no legder fees
  • The account determines one’s eligibility for loan in regards to multiplier and consistency.

The account is ideal for corporates and business people who wishes to settle their bills or make withdrawals through cheques.

    • This Account is ideal for business people.
    • Account holders are issued with cheque books
    • No minimum balance
    • Cheque books are processed within two weeks after requisition
    • The account accommodates overdraft facility
    • Statements are issued for free

This an account designed for children who are between birth and 18 years.

  • Free Birthday cards.
  • Free entertainment and banking day for the kids.
  • Parent are advised to open a different account for each child.
  • Minimum interest earning balance is Kshs.2,000.
  • Free home banking.
  • Competitive interest earned P.A
  • Account can be withdrawn 3 times a year.
  • Free cheques to school
  • No ledger fee
  • Accounts are accessed by the parent

Requirements for opening the account:

  • Parent’s I.D. Card.
  • Child’s birth certificate (Optional)
  • Fill in application form (Parent)
  • No account opening fee.
  • Minimum start up amount of Kshs.20,000
  • Contract period is 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.
  • Competitive interest rates above market rates.

No notice required to withdraw the fixed amount before or after maturity date.

  • Account is designed to fill the gap between a member’s last pay and when he/she receives the gratuity (pension).
  • The amount is only withdrawn on retirement either in lump sum or on monthly basis.
  • Minimum monthly contribution is Kshs.200.
  • Interest of upto 12% P.A which is ploughed back to the account
  • Account has no minimum balance.
  • Cheques to school can be drawn to this account.
  • School fees loans from BOSA must pass through this account.

The account is designed to allow members save towards a vacation plan.


  • Withdrawable once a year.
  • No minimum balance
  • Monthly contribution guided by the planned budget.