Heraclitus said, “nothing is permanent except change”. At Tower SACCO, we have always considered the   dynamics that   come  with  change,  and   this  is  reflected  in  our  ever-changing approaches to our customer concerns and  needs. Change management is the process of planning, implementing and controlling changes in an organization so as to ensure that they  are  timely and effectively  executed in the ever dynamic world. Today, we are witnessing a revolution in the banking industry. To ensure that we remain relevant to our esteemed customers, we continuously manage change in a multi-dynamic  approach,  as witnessed  by  our  evolving  services  that   are  customer oriented.

One benefit of change management to our organization can be seen in how it has allowed  us to evolve and  adapt to the ever-changing business environment. At Tower Sacco, we boast of being responsive to market needs and  this has ideally allowed  us to improve  our operational efficiency in meeting our  customers’ needs. Without change management, we would have  long  ago  become stagnant and obsolete, lose our competitive edge, and finally lose relevance in serving you. To us as an organization, change management has continuously allowed   us to implement changes in a manner that resonates with our organizational culture, values, and strategic goals.

An important ingredient of change management is the planning aspect. This is our strongest pillar. As we continue to anticipate for change to occur, we have  laid the  essential plan  that  has always enabled us to shift into new phases effortlessly. Before implementing any change, we usually have an already set plan that  allows us to delve into change. This helps us in assessing the desired outcomes through our already  set clear  plan.  Identifying the  resources needed and  setting out  a timeline  for change to be implemented has always helped us to avoid risks associated with change. Change management at Tower Sacco can be summarized as illustrated below

Change Management Process

Resistance to  change is a joint force  that  comes along  with change. At Tower  Sacco, we respect diversity and  different perspectives in seeing things. As an  entity  focused on  serving our customers  efficiently,  we  have   always  had   a  way  of  management  of  resistance  to  change. Resistance to change can  manifest in different ways such as reluctance to adopt new technologies, skepticism  about the  benefits  that  will come with new  strategies  and  change,  and  the  fear  of job loss. To address this, Tower  Sacco has a significant focus on addressing the  issues that  may  be raised by not only our employees but also customers on issues that  may affect them.  We have done this by  addressing the  employees’ concerns and  unfreezing the  status quo  of  customers when introducing  new  products and  services.  This  has helped  to  bring  every  stakeholder  aboard hence reducing the risks that  come with resistance to change.

In summary, as John F. Kennedy says that  “Change is the law of life and those who look only to  the  past or present are  certain to  miss the  future.”, change management at  Tower  Sacco is a critical  process that  has allowed  us to  serve you  better through technology and  new  strategies, remain  relevant in the  fast-evolving market and  also enhance our relations with other  stakeholders. Through  planning, communication, and training, we have successfully managed change, and this has been  our greatest foundation in navigating through different economic and technological phases.

Compiled by:  Joseph M. Waigwa
Chairman Audit