Healthy brain development is essential for realizing one's full potential and for overall well-being. Any type of trauma in a child for example abuse, neglect to mention but a few may interrupt brain development. Trauma induced changes to the brain can result in degrees of cognitive impairments and inadequate emotional control. This can lead to the child to have problems like; learning disabilities, low self-esteem, impaired social skills, low attention, sleep disturbance, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and substance use disorder.

Why Are Children At Risk To Develop Mental Issues After Trauma

-Understand less about the situation.

-Inexperience of coping with difficult situations.

-They feel less able to control events.

Helping Children Cope With Effects Of Trauma

- Let the children share their experiences.

- Let children have safe environment to enhance trust and sense of hope.

- Limit exposure to mass media which may trigger related emotions.

- Let the children hear from persons who have gone through trauma and overcomed.

When To Seek Help In Mental Health Clinic

- If the child continues to be very upset for 2-4 weeks after the trauma.

- The child's problem becomes worse instead of improving.

- If the reactions to effects of trauma affects child's school work or relationships with family and friends.

In conclusion it is important to understand the child's growing and development environment so as to analyze and synthesis his/her experiences which may affect life. This will enable the caregivers establish necessary action to take when need be for the child's well being.

Complied by:  Francis G. Wanjau