The youth is made of people below 35 years. How do they relate with saving culture and credit? First is definition of saving. Saving is the difference between earning and consumption. Without leaving something in between then saving is just mirage.

In many languages and cultures saving is encouraged but why is not endowed? Perhaps the youth are in rush to achieve their passion, fear of unknown, behaviour of the seniors not to encourage, failure by many Saccos or very little knowledge on saving treads.

What should be done?

    • Leaders in Saccos should set highest degree in integrity.
    • Should be savers themselves
    • Give right education that give results.
    • Fight stereotypes that Saccos are only meant for rooting.
    • Give good returns to members’ savings
    • Let the members understand why they should go loans that promote their living.

There is saying that says ‘From the flower a bee gets honey, the same flower a snake gets poison’.

So, the fact that one Sacco has failed doesn’t mean that another Sacco must fail.

Youth, the money meant to freeze is coming in many ways. Let us understand where we can benefit.

Compiled by: John.M.P.Gitundu
(Senior Sacco Leader)