Transformational leadership refers to a leadership approach that causes change in individuals and social system. Tower SACCO has embraced transformational leadership to ensure its members, employees and the society as a whole benefit. This has been done through building trust.

Tower SACCO employs people with integrity. This is done through rigorous exercise to ensure that they comply with chapter six of the constitution of Kenya. Tower SACCO has also embraced innovative thinking. This innovative thinking has led to opening more branches and use of ICT. Currently the SACCO has 25 branches spread across several counties. It has also introduced mobile banking which has not only increased the returns but also saved time for customers. Tower SACCO has also embraced inspirational motivation. This is mainly done by rewarding the best performing employees. This has motivated our employees to exceed expectation. The human resource has therefore become a strong and committed team.

One of the principles of transformational leadership is servant leadership. This is clearly seen in the Board of Directors and supervisory which focuses on the needs of the members and the employees. The directors have transformed the workplace culture by stimulating collaboration and improving communication. There has also been emphasis on team building.

The overall benefits of this transformational leadership is the increase in revenues that have enabled the institution to give loans expeditiously and giving good dividends. This has improved the well-being of its members. 

Compiled by: Patrick K. Thogo