Kenyans living abroad have been facing a major challenge when it comes to investing their hard-earned money back home. Many have lost their savings through relatives, friends, family, and unscrupulous institutions, causing a lot of discouragement among the diaspora community. However, with the coming up of credible investment partners like Tower Sacco, confidence in investing back home is growing.

Tower Sacco has recognized the need to tap into the diaspora space and has implemented concrete strategies that enable people living abroad to transfer money easily. Through bank to bank transfers via SendWave, World Remitry, and PayBill numbers, Kenyans living abroad can now invest in a trusted institution without fear of losing their savings.

Tower Sacco has particularly recognized that Kenyans living in the diaspora are unique, with a growing number of people banking with them. With over 600 members contributing over 180 million Ksh per year, Tower Sacco has become a haven for Kenyans living abroad to save and access affordable credit with impressive dividends returns of up to 13% p.a and a rebate of 20% p.a.

As a form of professional marketing for both group and individual accounts, Tower Sacco holds virtual meetings with its members, and plans to physically visit its members across the globe in the future. This has allowed regular remittance from people living in the diaspora, who have invested in Tower Sacco and enjoyed high returns as they grow together.

The introduction of diaspora banking in Tower Sacco has addressed the issue of Kenyans living abroad being unable to bank directly in their accounts. This is now possible through mobile banking (USSD) and internet banking platforms. Facilities available include access to loans, investment advice, money transfer services, and saving plans.

Tower Sacco’s diaspora unit is dedicated to ensuring that the investment of its members is safe, including conducting site visits on properties that members intend to purchase, and ensuring due diligence to avoid any con schemes on its members. The diaspora unit maintains contact with its members to ensure that their day-to-day financial management is met.

In conclusion, Tower Sacco has emerged as a credible investment partner for Kenyans living abroad. With its concrete strategies, access to affordable credit, and impressive returns on investment, Kenyans living in the diaspora can now invest back home with confidence. The introduction of diaspora banking has also made it easier for Kenyans abroad to manage their finances back home, further strengthening their ties with their motherland.